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Have You Seen Public Corruption- Report it to the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Hotline 

Wisconsin Women for Change we are dedicated survivor advocates to promote positive and needed reforms in Wisconsin. This campaign is to help organize complaints on public corruption and report it to the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Hotline. 



A campaign to report corruption of guardian ad limes and fraudulent billing practices has been initiated. If you have been impacted by this please call the hotline: 1.877.FRAUD.17 (1.877.372.8317)


Fraud, Waste, and Mismanagement Hotline

The Legislative Audit Bureau investigates allegations of fraud and other improper acts by state agencies, employees, and contractors. Persons contacting the hotline may remain anonymous, and state law specifically requires the Bureau to protect callers' identities even when other information related to calls is made public. The Bureau's hotline is staffed directly by the Bureau and is administered by a certified fraud examiner.

What They Investigate  

The Bureau investigates intentionally dishonest, misleading, or deceitful conduct that deprives the State of Wisconsin of its resources, as well as the needless, careless, or extravagant expenditure of funds, or mismanagement of a state program or property. These acts do not always relate to private use or personal gain, but usually signify poor management decisions, practices, or controls. The types of concerns may include:


  • manipulation, falsification, or alteration of accounting records or supporting documents to conceal theft or an entity's true financial condition;

  • submitting false vouchers for reimbursement;

  • intentionally misrepresenting the costs of goods or services provided;

  • falsifying payroll information;

  • bid rigging;

  • failing to administer programs according to state or federal laws and regulations;

  • purchasing unnecessary supplies or equipment;

  • purchasing goods at inflated prices;

  • permitting serious abuse of paid time, such as significant unauthorized time away from work, or significant use of paid time for personal business; and

  • abuse of the travel reimbursement system

Let’s Work Together

Contact Wisconsin Women for Change for more information about your concerns with public corruption 

And we will work on how we can collaborate together to make effective reports and reporting campaigns. 

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